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BASIC Social (13 & 14 year old)
12:24 PM on Thursday, May 17, 2012

BBQ social
Calling all Boys who are 13 - 14 years old to join us at this social.
The venue has a Basket ball court, BBQ pit and a swimming pool.
Sir Daniel Lim & a few of 34th Boys will be there.

Date: 19 May 2012
Time: 4pm to 8pm
Venue: Blk 4 Angklong Lane, Faber Garden Condominium

bus services (upper thomson road): 132, 163, 165, 166, 167, 855, 980
Please contact Sir Daniel Lim via sms if you are interested so that we can meet at Ang Mo Kio MRT control station at 3pm.

11:50 AM on

Reporting Details
Date : 25 May (Fri) to 27 May (Sun) 2012
Time :  Assemble in Fuchun Secondary School at 345pm on 25 May (Friday)
21 Woodlands Avenue 1  Singapore 739062
Attire : Full Uniform

Packing List    
1)    Back Pack or hand carry bag (preferable) or trolley bag – for keeping of personal clothings items etc.
2)    Small sling bag/back pack (for personal stuff – money etc) and for use during outing (for water bottle & Snacks)
3)    Small lock (for locking personal bag)
4)    BB Uniform – 1 set (compulsory)
5)    BB PT Kit (BB Blue Polo T and shorts) – 1 set
6)  1 additional pairs of shoes (school shoes, track shoes or cross training shoes). 
7)Socks – 2 pairs or more
8)Long pant (or BB Pants) – 1 pair or more
9)Shorts – 2 pairs or more
10)T-shirts – 5 pcs or more
11)Underwear – 5 pcs or more
12)Jacket or Sweater or windbreaker 
13)Towel for bathing
14)Poncho or rain coat
15)Plastic bags (2 pcs) – to store wet or soiled clothing
16)Personal medication – panadol, fever medicine, eye drop, medicated oil,  handy plast, asthama inhaler etc
17)Water bottle (with water) – for hand carry and 1 large (1.5 litre) mineral bottle
18)Writing material and one pen
19)Personal Toiletries – tooth brush, tooth paste, face towel
20)Tissue paper 
21)Cash (Less than $5 as all meals provided)

1)    1 pair of slippers
2)    Camera
3)    Cap
4)    snacks to eat 

Servant Leadership Camp (LDC 1) - 25 to 27 May 2012
5:31 PM on Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Servant Leadership Camp (LDC1) @ Sembawang Campsite 
Date : 25 - 27 MAY 2012
Time : Start at 4pm (25 May) and End at 5pm(27 May)
Cost : $10 per Boy (Usual Price: $70)

Highlights for this camp:
-Learning leadership through games & activities. 
-Visit to Army Open House.
-Visit to Woodlands Evangelical Free Church.

The following Boys are chosen to attend:
1. Adrian Teo Neng
2. Bryan Chai Wei Kiat
3. Jeremy Kwek Jia Wei
4. Joe Lee
5. Liu Fan
6. Marcus Goh Jun Lin
7. Teo Tin Hao
8. Tommy Charnchaisamorn
9. Benjamin Tee Yi Xiang
10. Bryan Choo IanJun
11. Huang Ye Qiang
12. Yong Jin Long
13. Peng Lin
14. Mitchell
15.Aaron Jeremiah
16. Rong Ji

Do inform Sir Daniel Lim or Sir James Poon if you are not able to go for this camp by 19 May 2012.
Thank you

Anti-Drug Abuse Course (SANA) - 11 June 2012
11:05 AM on Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Address: Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association (SANA) Sengkang Community Hub, #05-01 (next to Compass Point) No. 2 Sengkang Square, Singapore 545025 

Getting There: By Bus Sengkang Interchange 80, 83, 86, 87, 119, 156, 159, 163, 163M, 372, 965 Bus Stops on Sengkang East Road outside/opposite Sengkang Community Hub 43, 83, 85, 109, 156, 159, 161, 372 By MRT Sengkang Station

 Cost: $10 per Boy No refund will be made for absentees. (Cost covered by 34th Coy)

This course is ONLY open to Sec 2s and above. Attire Boys are to report in BB fatigue dress. Boys must also report in proper haircut, which is defined as hair that is not artificially coloured, and does not touch the ears, eyebrows and collar. Fingernails must also be short and clean. Any participant who reports for courses in improper attire, including accompanying Officers, will be asked to leave, and the space forfeited. No refund of course fees will be made in this instance.

Course Description:
SANA introduced the Anti-Drug and Inhalant Abuse Badge Scheme in 1977 with a two-fold purpose. It aims to immunise school students against the dangers of drug and inhalant abuse. It also has a multiplier-effect component that enables participating students to be transfer agents in order to pass on the anti-drug and inhalant abuse message and educate their peers on the dangers of drug abuse.

Training is conducted from 9.00am to 5.30pm. Boys will undergo a course on the dangers of drug abuse, and will share this message with other friends. Boys should bring their own writing materials and report to the Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association (SANA) at 8.50am on the course day.

Please indicate to Mr Terran Ng / Mr James Poon if you are not available to attend or have already attended this course by this week(4 April to 7 April) . Thank you

The following are the Boys attending this course:
9 LCP Jeremiah jeevan s/o jason 34th
10 LCP Shine Goh Fu Song 34th
11 CPL Benny Teo Jie Yi 34th
12 CPL David Chan Wei Peng 34th
13 CPL Miresh Praven S/O Manimaran 34th
14 CPL Tan Yan Xuan Mitchell 34th
15 CPL Poh Wei Xiang 34th
16 CPL Ng Cheng Kiat 34th
17 LCP Choong Wei Tzen 34th
18 LCP Nikesh Asokan 34th
19 LCP Kendrick Huang Jun Jie 34th
20 PTE Aaron Jeremiah Williams S/O W 34th
21 LCP Huang Ye Qiang 34th
22 LCP Choo IanJun Bryan 34th
23 LCP Yong Jin Long 34th
24 LCP Peng Lin 34th
25 LCP Benjamin Tee Yi Xiang 34th

Leadership Development Camp - 21 Jul 2012
5:29 PM on Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Course Description:
LDC 2 is a 2D-1N residential camp from Sat morning to Sunday afternoon.
Boys will undergo training to further develop what they have already learnt in LDC1.
They will be broken up into different squads with fellow trainees from other Companies to learn, practise and develop practical leadership skills at the same time.

To pass the course, Boys must undergo a simple written test and be continually assessed by the trainers throughout the camp. Absenteeism from any of the course, projects, or failure of the written test, will mean they will fail the course.
June & July LDC2 courses are for Sec 3 only. Sec 2 can enroll in Nov & Dec LDC 2 Courses.
Please ensure participants have attained Stage 2 in 3 separate badges, including Drill 2.

Course Details:
Additional Instructions for Trainees
Reporting Time: 0830 hrs, 21 July 2012 (Sat)
Venue: BB/GB Campsite, Sembawang
Attire: BB Day Dress (Full Uniform)
Your Course Company and squad numbers will be made known to you on reporting.
Please bring along the items as detailed below. There will be a written assessment for all trainees. Please re-familiarise yourself with the basic BB knowledge that can be found in pages 7-11 and page 27 of the Seniors Programme Handbook for Boys (Feb 2005) as well as lessons on LDC I.
In addition, you will also be assessed on your performance as the Camp by all trainers. You will be dismissed by 1800hrs on the last day of course.
Cost: $60 per Boy No refund will be made for absentees.
(Each Boy to pay $10 only, $50 to be subsidized by 34th )

64 LCP Jeremiah jeevan s/o jason 34th
65 LCP Shine Goh Fu Song 34th
66 CPL Benny Teo Jie Yi 34th
67 LCP Leng Rong Ji 34th
68 CPL David Chan Wei Peng 34th
69 CPL Miresh Praven S/O Manimaran 34th
70 CPL Tan Yan Xuan Mitchell 34th
71 CPL Poh Wei Xiang 34th
72 CPL Ng Cheng Kiat 34th

No Parade
7:48 PM on Tuesday, February 28, 2012


this week there will be no parade so take this time and rest will most important study for the common test good luck guys ^^

CRO :: 25 FEB 2012
9:08 PM on Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Day / Date : Saturday / 25 Feb 2012
Venue : Siling Secondary School
Fall-In By : 8.45 am
Assemble By : 8.30 am

DO /OIC : LTA Daniel Lim / SCL Oh Qing Xiang
COS / Duty Squad : LCP Nikesh / Bravo
(Squad in Duty Please Come 15 minutes earlier to prepare for the parade)
Songs By : 2LT Angela Xu / POP Lee Jun Xian
Basic Drill for recruits.

Bring :
  • Writing Materials and pens
  • Field Ranks
* Primers and probation To report Earlier
* BB Blaze participants will have Street Soccer For Training.
All welcome to join...

*Sec 1s Please Bring Your Full-uniform

-SGT Lee Yong Xian

CRO :: 18 Feb 2012
7:05 AM on Friday, February 17, 2012

**Program for Boys participating in BB blaze

Venue: Christ Church Secondary School
Time: 9.00am to 3.00pm
Attire: PT- Kit (BB polo-T)
DO: Sir Donovan Yong (BB Blaze 2012 IC)
Duty Primer: POP Siow Jin Long

9.00am to 12pm Archery training
12pm to 12.30pm Lunch
12.30 to 3pm Abseiling training
3pm Vesper & Announcements

-Donovan will help purchase $3 lunch for Boys and POP. Please bring $3 for lunch and pay it to Sir Donovan.
-Please return all consent forms to Sir Donovan.


**Program for Recruits & Boys not participating in BB Blaze

Venue: Si Ling Secondary School
(Bus to leave Si Ling at 9am sharp)
Time: 8.45am to 12.45pm
(Bus to reach Causeway Point taxi stand at 1.00pm)
Attire: PT-Kit (BB Polo-T)
DO: Sir Daniel Lim
Duty Primer : POP Tey Wei Hua / POP Lee Junxian
TIC: Mr Mike Thye

8.30am Fall In (SLSS)
9.00am Bus leaves for BBHQ
9.30am Uniform Equipping at BBHQ.
10.30am Bus to leave for Princep Street Presbyterian church
10.50am Guided Tour around PSPC
11.15am Bus to leave for Adam Road Presbyterian centre
11.30am Guided Tour around ARPC / refreshments / Announcements & Vesper
12.00pm Bus to leave for causeway point.
12.45pm Fall out at Causeway point taxi stand.

-All Sec 2 & 3 Boys are required to take notes for this trip as you will be leading Heritage Tour 2013.
-All Squad leaders to ensure that all recruits turn up for this uniform equipping as it will be quite difficult to make another trip down to BBHQ as enrolment service is on 31 Mar 2012.
- All Boys to bring your favourite snacks and waterbottle. We will be stopping at ARPC for some light refreshments.
-Please return all consent forms to Mr Mike Thye.

CRO :: 11 FEB 2012
8:08 PM on Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Parade 6

Day / Date : Saturday , 11 February 2012
Fall-In By : 8.45 am
Venue : Siling Secondary School
Attire : PT Kit (Bring Field Rank)

DO/OIC : 2LT Wee Suying / POP Gordon Kwok
COS/Duty Squad : LCP Kendrick Huang /Bravo
Song IC : CPL David Chan
Games IC : SGT Chance Webb / LCP Miresh (Ask By Chance)

Bring : 
  • Water Bottle
  • Writng Material (pen&NoteBook)
0830 hr - Report in school
0845  hr - Fall In
0900 hr - Singsparation
0930 hr - CE
1030 hr -Awards (Adventure & Target)
1130 hr - Games
1230 hr - Closing parade

* POP Please Report By 8 am
* Duty IC  Please Report By 8.15 am
-SGT Lee Yong Xian

BBHQ Circular February 2012 Edition is out!!
12:08 AM on Thursday, February 2, 2012

Follow this link to view the latest BBHQ Circular:

If you have any questions or interested to sign up any course, do drop me a mail at daniellim@arpc.org.sg

CRO :: 4 Feb 2012
6:05 PM on Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Day / Date : Saturday / 4 Feb 2012
Attire : Pt Kit
Assemble By : 8.30 am
Fall-In By : 8.45 am

Games By : SGT Chance Webb
The programs are :

  1. 8.45 am - Fall in
  2. 9.00am - Singsparation by david
  3. 9.30 am - CE
  4. 10.30 am - Awards (adventure)
  5. 11.30 am - Games
  6. 12.30 am - end of parade


CRO :: 28 Jan 2012 ( Recruits Welcome Party)
10:49 PM on Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Date / Day : Saturday / 28 january 2012
Venue : Siling secondary school
Assemble By : 8.30 am ( sharp)
Fall-In By : 8.45 am
Attire : PT Kit

COS : LCP Benjamin Tee
DO / OIC : SCL Oh Qing Xiang / 2LT James Poon

Bring :

  • Extra clothing
  • Extra shoes

All Bravo Squad please meet SGT Darren in the canteen at 1pm on Friday to event preparations.
-SGT Lee Yong Xian

CRO :: 12 JAN 2012 (BB DAY)
5:16 PM on Wednesday, January 11, 2012

BB Day 2012

All Boys are to fall in by 630am for promotion.
Flag raising will commence at 645am.
Mr Wong, Si Ling Secondary School Principal will be reading the BB Day Message.
See you there in full uniform:-)

CRO :: 14 JAN 2012
11:23 AM on

First Parade of 2012 (CNY Special)

Date : 14 January 2012 (Sat)
Venue: Si Ling Secondary School
Time: 0845hrs till 1200hrs
Attire: PT Kit with proper shoes
COS: LCP Kendrick Huang
Duty Primer : SCL Ng Wei Sheng

0845am - Opening Parade
0900am - Songs
0930am - Devotion
0945am - Company 2012 Briefing
1015am - CNY celebration / Tea Break
1045am - Awards Briefing
1100am - CNY Games
1200pm - Announcements / Fall Out

All Boys to bring along writing materials and 300ml water bottle.
Reminder for all Boys to be punctual for parade as it is a good way to role model discipline to our Boys.

*** Primers & Officers to arrive at 0830am for morning prayer and briefing.

CRO :: 7 JAN 2012 (CCA Promotion)
10:00 AM on Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thank God for allow us to discover and use all our talents in preparation for CCA promotion.
I want to thank Sir James & Boys who have put in a lot of time & effort in the fancy drill display. Thank you for your hardwork trying to make our Fancy drill display look as perfect as can be. All the best for this saturday performance!
Thank you Chance Webb & team who has tried to make our noticeboard and display boards look presentable.
Thank you Sir Albert , Weisheng, Nicholas & Qingxiang for the abseiling display this saturday.

Date : 7 Jan 2012 (Sat)
Venue : Si Ling Secondary School
Time : 0700am to 1230pm
Attire : Come in PT-Kit & Change to Full-U @ 0800am.

Programme for CCA promotion is as follows:-


07.00am Opening Parade / Setting up of Display Booth, Slideshow presentation, Abseiling Station & Ice-cream Booth
07.45am Uniform inspection for fancy drill team/ All Boys change into Full U.
08.00am Briefing & rehearsal for Boys recruiters
09.00am Fancy Drill Display / Students viewing of CCA display & exhibits in car park area
11.30am Packing of Display Booth and Abseiling station
12.00pm Debrief & Announcements
12.30pm Lunch

Team Assignment:
Fancy Drill Team - OIC Sir James Poon
Abseiling Team - OIC Sir Albert Wong
Display Booth - OIC Sir Daniel Lim / Mr Chang
Recruiter Team - OIC Sir Donovan
Ice-cream Booth - OIC SCL Oh Qing Xiang
Presentation & Slideshow (Hall) - OIC Mdm SuYing & Angela

Other things to note:
1. Please come in PT-Kit and change to full-U at 0830am.
2. Make sure all uniform is polished, ironed and cleaned.

Community Work at Ling Kwang Home for Senior Citizens
7:41 AM on Wednesday, December 21, 2011

We will be helping out in the community work at Ling Kwang Home for Senior Citizens.

The objectives are :
1) To bring joy to the elderly residents of Ling Kwang Home through interaction
and games.
2) To assist the caregivers of Ling Kwang Home in helping with certain laborious
tasks such as simple garden cleaning and cleaning of wheel chairs.

Here are the details:
Date: 24th Dec 2011
Venue: Ling Kwang Home
Address: 156 Serangoon Garden Way
Assembly Time: 815am (meet at Taxi Stand, Causeway Point)
Dismissal Time: 430pm (Dismissal at causeway point)

Attire: BB polo T with BB pants with Sport shoes.

** Every Boy to bring 2 items :
1. $5 worth of present for gift exchange.
2. A Rag cloth for cleaning of wheel chairs

Lunch will be provided for the boys. The boys are to bring along a water bottle. Our
school 23rd GB Company (Si Ling Secondary School) and 66th BB Company (Woodlands
Secondary School) will also be helping out in the community work.

Please sign the consent form and return it to Mr. Chang by 22nd December.

We look forward to your active participation in the above meaningful work.

7:51 PM on Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fancy Drill Training

Time : 9.00 am To 4.00 pm
Venue : Siling Secondary School
Attire : PT Kit

*Please Have Your Meal Before Coming

Bring : 

  • Atleast 1.25 litre Water Bottle
  • Tape
  • Scissors
-SGT Lee Yong Xian

CRO :: 17 Dec 2011 ( Share a Gift event)
6:40 AM on Tuesday, December 13, 2011

This Saturday is our BB Share-A-Gift programme.
Programme for the day is as follows:-


09.00am Boys & Girls to arrive at BBHQ
10.00am ARPC members gather at BBHQ
10.15am Briefing on BB Share-A-Gift
10.45am Packing of gift / Load up gift to bus
12.00nn Lunch
1.00pm Set off to delivery gift
3.30pm All to report back to BBHQ
3.45pm Debrief
4.15pm End of COMBINE programme.
(23rd, 34 & 66 Boys will continue with their "Share a Gift" Duty till 9pm)
6.00pm Dinner
09.00pm Bus for causeway point arrives.

Team Assignment:

Based on past two years experiences, it is very hard for us to assign the team beforehand as there will be many changes on the day itself. Hence, we will do the assignment only on Saturday.

Generally we will break into teams of four. Two BB Boys + two church helpers (i.e.GB girls, BASIC youths or ARPC members). Each team will collect 14 gift packs (2 gift packs for 1 household) and 10 address to deliver to (3 are spare, in case some recipients are not around).

Hence, in total, each bus will carry 6 teams of four (total 24pax) + 1 Bus I/C and 84 gift packs. We will have around 2 hours for delivery.

Other things to note:

This year, we have also planned for some warehouse duty, such as sorting of items and packing of giftpacks so remember to bring your PT-Kit.

10 Dec Company Routine Order (No Parade)
7:04 AM on Thursday, December 8, 2011

There will be no parade this week.
All Boys take note that the next activity will be on 17 Dec 2011 at BBHQ (Share a gift).

-Full dress rehearsal for fancy drill and booth display to be ready on the 19 Dec 2011.
-Joseph Khoo & Darren Soh Chun Zhi please ensure that the booth display is ready by then.
- Gordon Kwok Yong please liase with GB regarding the training.

Have a fruitful time at basic camp!

Share A Gift 2011 ( 3 & 17 Dec 2011 )
7:16 AM on Thursday, December 1, 2011

Compulsory CIP for all 34th Boys.

Date: 3rd December (Sat.) and 17th December (Sat.) 2011
Venue: BB HQ (9.00 am to 9.00 pm)
Address : 105 Ganges Ave. S (169695)
Assembly Time : 8.00 am (meet at Taxi Stand, Causeway Point)
Dismissal Time : 9.30 pm (dismissal at Causeway Point)

All Boys will be spending time at BB HQ packing gifts and/or delivering gifts by bus, together with the Officers and Primers to the recipients’ home. The Senior Boys / Founder's applicants may also be deployed to the various collection
centres (such as NTUC supermarkets) to help out in receiving the gifts from public donors.

Attire (for both dates) :
Reporting in BB Full Uniform (Day Dress).
The boys must have a neat hair cut.

All Boys are also required to bring their PT kit (BB polo T and shorts with
shoes if they are assigned warehousing duties at BB HQ).

Lunch and Dinner will be provided for the boys by BB HQ. The boys are to bring
along a water bottle.

The number of hours the boys spent helping out will be recorded in their CIP
(Community Involvement Program) in 2011 and they have to help out for both

8:23 PM on Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Date / Day : 3 December 2011 / Saturday
Venue : Taxi stand
Attire : BB Full Uniform
Assemble Time : 8.00 am to 9.00 pm

  • Water Bottle
-SGT Lee Yong Xian

3:50 PM on Wednesday, November 23, 2011


  • 2 Shirts
  • 2 Pants
  • 2 Undergarment
  • 1 Slipper
  • 1 Shoes
  • Toiletries ( toothbrush , toothpaste , towel , hand towel , soap , shampoo , etc )
  • 1 WATCH
  • Sleep attire
  • 1 Sleeping Bag
  • 2 pair of Black Socks
  • 1 pair of White Socks
  • FULL UNIFORM (rank , field rank , BB long Pants , BB Uniform , BB cap , BB Polo Tee , BB Boots , havares sack , BB Belt , Name Tag )
Please Bring $ 5 on that day to pay for your camp fee
Attire : Half Uniform
Day / Date : 25 and 26 November 2011 / Friday and Saturday
Time : 9 am

-SGT Lee Yong Xian

9:01 PM on Saturday, November 19, 2011

for all those that are taking Stage 1 Drill please meet Mr Poon in school on monday 11 am to get ur drill camp form and for those that are not coming for the drill on wednesday please come too thank you
-SGT Lee Yong Xian

2:35 PM on Wednesday, November 16, 2011

this drill training is to help those who are taking Drill Stage 2 as it is quite hard

Date : 23 , 24 Nov 2011
Venue : Siling Secondary School
Time : 9.00 am to 1.30 Pm
Attire : Half Uniform

Combine Program
9:16 PM on Tuesday, November 15, 2011

hey guys , have you seen people playing games using the transport system's in singapore and so this is your chance to be like them and travel around the MRT stations

Date / Day : 19 november 2011 / Saturday
Venue : ARPC
Address : 25 adam road. singapore 289894
Time : 1pm to 8.30 pm (including travel time)

Assemble By / At : 1 pm / Causeway point Taxi Stand
Dismissal By / At : 8.30 pm / Causeway point
Attire : PT Kit

DO : LTA Daniel Lim / 2LT Donovan Yong
Bring :
  • Water Bottle
-SGT Lee Yong Xian

5 November 2011 :: BB Swimming Test
9:09 PM on Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Date : 5th November 2011 (Sat)
Venue: Woodlands Swimming Complex
@ 3 Woodlands st 13
Time: 0845hrs (Assemble at woodlands swimming complex)
till 1200hrs (dismissal at woodlands swimming complex)
Attire: PT Kit with proper shoes

All Boys to bring along their swimming attire and goggles.
For those Boys who intend to attempt swimming stage 3, please bring along your long sleeve pyjamas with pants.
For non-swimmers, PTI Chance Webb will be conducting water games.
All Boys to bring along your own water bottles, as we will be conducting water parade.
Please get your parents to sign and hand in the consent forms to teacher-in-charge on 5th Nov 2011.

Parade 18
8:12 PM on Friday, October 28, 2011

Finally we can come back to our normal BB Gathering

Day / Date : 29 October 2011 / Saturday
Venue : Siling Secondary School
Assemble by : 8.45 am
Fall-In By : 9.00 am
bring :Writing materials
Attire : PT Kit

LCP Jeremiah

DO / OIC : SCL Oh Qing Xiang / LTA Daniel Lim
Duty squad : bravo
Games :
CPL Chance Webb

-SGT Lee Yong Xian

Founders Award
1:23 PM on Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Please note the details of the assessment as below:


5 nov 2011

Reporting Time

0800 hrs

Dismissal Time

1730 hrs


Is provided


Nanhua High School

41 Clementi Avenue 1

Attire and Hair Regulation

Adventure Stage 3: PT kit with nametag and field rank. (see picture below)

Drill Stage 3: Day Dress (see picture below)

Community Service Stage 3: Fatigue Dress

Please refer to pages 22 to 29 of the new Seniors Programme Handbook for details of the uniform and hair regulation. Boys who do not adhere to the uniform and hair regulations will not be allowed to take part in the assessment.


In the case of any absenteeism, the Captain must submit a valid reason (medical certificate / Parent’s Letter) for the absence by mail or fax within two weeks from the date of assessment. Companies with Boys who are absent without any valid reason will be placed at a lower priority when signing up for future assessments.

Packing List

1) Ez-link card

2) Calculator

3) Pens and stationery needed for written test

4) A complete set of mathematical instruments (including ruler, protractor, compass, etc) (For Boys taking Adventure Stage 3)

5) Any personal medication you may require

Please note that there will be no change of date of assessment allowed for absentees.

Best Regards,

How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called Children of God. And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him.

1John 3:1

This are the Name of boys who are Attending the Founder's Award Assessment :

30CPLWebb Chance Alexander34th
31SGTKhoo Ying Jie Joseph34th
32SGTSoh Chun Zhi34th
33SGTLee Yong Xian34th
34CPLLi Ping Yuan34th
35SGTLim Kian Rong34th
Withdrawal from courses is strictly not allowed. Companies will be billed according to the number of Boys registered. The Founder's Award is the highest and most honourable award a Boy can attain in the Seniors Programme (SP). As such, measures need to be in place to ensure that only deserving Boys be given this due recognition. Therefore, SP Committee seeks to standardise and streamline standards across all SP Companies. The Founder’s Award recipients are expected to display a common minimum standard.The new Stage 3 Assessment helps to ensure that Boys attain a good level of stage 3 standard. At the same time, it also allow Boys to have lesser stress in completing various awards at different sittings rather than completing an All-In-One assessment structure like the previous Skills Assessment Test.Only Boys who are in Secondary 3 in 2011 can attend the Stage 3 Assessments. We will not be allowing any Secondary 4 Boys to participate in any future Stage 3 assessments, so please sign up your Sec 3 Boys if they want to apply for the Founder’s Award.Practical, Written & Oral modesLunch will be provided. Please note that payment must be made in full by 30 Sep after signing up on the portal in order to confirm the places for these courses. Any places not paid for by 6 Oct will be released for registration again on 7 Oct 10am.